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Joomla.org libera la nueva versión de Joomla! 1.5.16

Fue liberada en la madrugada del 23 para el 24 de Abril la versión de Joomla! 1.5.16

Lista de cambios realizados (ingles)

  • Language credit update
  • Language bug in «Menus»
  • JApplication::redirect() using a 301 error code incorrect.
  • Adding Reykjavik in timezone
  • More updates on installation ini files
  • New hi-IN installation language
  • Missing string in a few installation ini files
  • Graceful handling of failing Apache plugins
  • $theURI not correctly set on IIS7 in environmenturi.php
  • Removal of searchwords from SEF urls to ensure cross platform compatibility
  • Reverting patch from live_site$ in configuration.php ignored by some JS-based functions, because it breaks the installer
  • Missing string in is-IS installation ini
  • News Feeds -> Categories can throw a SQL error when it tries to sort by section_name
  • Validation error of mod_search
  • Button select article in back-end ( RTL) ie7 + modal centering
  • Possible typo in mod_latestnews xml
  • Mod_loginhelper.php: Trying to get property of non-object
  • SEF URL for contacts gives 404 error
  • Core related items and other modules non-functional with cache module on
  • Checking wrong cache field in com_content _loaddata() function
  • live_site$ in configuration.php ignored by some JS-based functions – breaks joomla 1.5 behind reverse proxy
  • JFolder::makeSafe removes dot
  • New Arabic Unitag installation language ar_AA
  • Preventing mod_login redirect to display trashed menu items
  • Undefined variable notice when enabling or disabling a user in com_user
  • Media manager folder param incorrectly named
  • Pagination in category blog layout not shown in specific case
  • The «search result Itemid» fix (15780) doesn’t apply to beez
  • Issue with some feeds in release 1.5.15
  • Adding a missing string in many installation ini, added helpfile listing
  • _JEXEC check missing from joomla file
  • Copying menus does not maintain parent child relationship
  • Poll component save task missing successful results message
  • Timezone code setting incorrect for 6:30 (Yagoon) and 11:30 (Norfolk) in Global Configuration
  • Tinymce bug prevents adding the valid id extended element for the anchor tag
  • Author Alias not properly escaped in Article Manager
  • Atom feed image url incorrect
  • Installing modules with upgrade method
  • Incorrect bracketing in templates/system/component.php
  • Disabled components still show in the «menu type» tree of com_menus
  • Pathway error when using php4
  • A bug causes a space to appear after email links
  • Adding Phnom-Penh to UTC strings
  • Add sr-YU in installation
  • Missing ini string in installation
  • New caching of com_contact in 1.5.15 results in «Invalid Token»
  • Improvements to caption
  • Minor bug in module updater code
  • Updated copyright notices for 2010
  • Moved testing infrastructure from the /testing/ folder into the tree. {/slide}

En líneas generales se han corregido 52 errores (seguridad, componentes, modulos, plugins, plantillas, idiomas, administrador y sistema).

A la espera de que se liberen los packs de idiomas para esta nueva versión se pueden utilizar los siguientes:

Quedamos pues a la espera de que Joomla!Spanish libere el Pack correspondiente ya castellanizado de la 1.5.16 y recomendamos actualizarse lo antes posible.

Puedes descargar el PACK completo traducido al castellano (Spanish) y los pack de actualización de la 1.5.14 y 1.5.15 respectivamente hacia la nueva versión. Finalmente tienes disponibles tambien los pack de idiomas (backend y frontend).

  • Joomla! 1.5.16-Spanish (Wojmamni Ama Busani) paquete completo.
  • Joomla! 1.5.16-Spanish (Wojmamni Ama Busani) full package.

    Incluye el componente Translation Manager
    Includes the component Translation ManagerJoomla1.5.16-Spanish-Actualizaciones

  • Joomla1.5.16-Spanish Updates
  • Idiomas en español Joomla! 1.5.16 (Wojmamni Ama Busani)
    Spanish Languages Joomla! 1.5.16 (Wojmamni Ama Busani)

Desde aqui agradecer a Shacker (Fundador de Joomla!Spanish) por el trabajo realizado para disponibilizar dicha actualización en castellano en un tiempo record.

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